Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I hate spiders. Actually, I really dislike most bugs.

Here's my most recent encounter:

Saturday night.

Husband is camping.

Girls are sleeping.

I am about to go to bed.

Then I see IT!

On the ceiling.

I stare at IT for about 5 seconds as the reality sinks in.

I feel it (the reality) weighing heavily on my chest.

I feel it deep within my bones.

I have to kill it.

It's like a somber resignation.

The job has to be done

and I have to do it.


Me alone.

I quietly take care of things.

And somberly go to bed, praying for no more spiders that night.

I REALLY. don't. like. spiders!


This feeling reminded me of Nephi when he goes back to Jerusalem to get the brass plates and finds Laban passed out in the street. I wonder if what I felt was just a teeny, tiny glimpse of what Nephi felt as he realized he had to kill Laban in order to get the scriptures for his family. It is better that one man die than a whole nation dwindle in unbelief. (It is better that one spider die than a mother lose a whole night's sleep!)


  1. Spiders don't really bother me but I would have taken care if it the same way. As much as they don't bother me I still don't want them in bed with me. If you don't do anything about it you can't fall asleep because you are worrying about where that spider is the whole night and hoping he's not in bed with you! Sorry you had to go threw that by yourself!

  2. Waiting by the phone for your call! :)