Friday, February 18, 2011

It's a serious problem!

What does this post have to do with water lilies? NOTHING! I just think it's a soothing picture!

Well, I have to admit something.

Even though I said it was time to cut the cord, I have followed three - possibly four - more blogs this week. Oh, I tried to stop. I was so good, I unsubscribed to like five blogs (or two?) and that was going to be it. No more! The end!

So, first I found a couple blogs about food. I mean, I have to cook everyday so why not get some new and exciting recipes for free! Pretty fun.

Then I found Sewing in No Man's Land. When you see this new blog I'm following, well I think you'll understand my obsession. It's a woman and her family who live in Timor Leste - where? (I think she said it's an island off the coast of Australia - yep, wikipedia agrees.)

Anyway, she's a fantastic lady. She has children, is a super fantastic seamstress, cooks, and takes awesome pictures! If you read this recent post you may tear up! Why would you cry about cooking, sewing, and picture taking? Well, take a look and you'll see!

So, you see, I HAD to add these few blogs to my google reader!

Had to.

Had to.

Had to.



  1. Gee! Thanks A lot Rachel!! I'm on a subscribing diet too...but I'll probably just add this one... :)

  2. Sorry Nielson Family! I'm no help! ;)